The Del Carlo Group with hot dip galvanizing offers its customers the protection from rust a wide range of steel materials, from small metal parts to large carpentry, and for aesthetic requirements or greater protection it also offers an additional coating with powder paint. The galvanizing process is the best method to protect steel from atmospheric agents, the zinc coating prevents the formation of rust, preserving the product intact over time. The Del Carlo Group is the leader in Italy in hot dip galvanizing, its plants in Uzzano (PT), Chiusi (Si) and Pegognaga (MN) use modern technologies that are constantly updated respecting the environment, guaranteeing a high quality product.


The Del Carlo Group has a hot-dip galvanizing plant in centrifuge for the coating of bolts, nuts and small metal parts. Is also possible hot-dip galvanizing of high-strength bolts thanks to an initial mechanical pickling in a sandblasting system.