The Del Carlo Group is today a well-established reality on the national and international scene thanks to the tradition of the units that compose it, which have their roots back in 1950 with the birth of the first hot galvanizing company and in 1960 with the first factory for the production of poles. The affinities and the values of the single units have welded a relationship that is rustless, which has developed in today’s union of the Del Carlo Group, projected more and more towards consolidating its leadership in the reference market and winning new commercial outlets.


Today the market leader in the field of galvanizing, painting and steel processing with a total production area of 170,000 square meters is at the head of a district of Italian companies of excellence: Lorenzo Del Carlo, Matalzinco, CML and Macofer, specializing in various processing steps.


Investment in research and development, application of advanced technologies, expertise and passion are the levers that have driven Del Carlo Group in the past for more 50 years. Del Carlo Group, created with the initiative of Lorenzo del Carlo, is now the Italian leader and quickly expanding in new markets worldwide within the sectors of public lighting, electricity transmission and distribution, railways, galvanization and painting. This success was achieved by the human values of the expanded ‘Del Carlo Family’, from the progenitor Lorenzo to the son Alfredo, together with all managers that followed and following the family with devotion and passion. A group of people united and cemented by common ideals where each individual is free to express their full potential and capabilities without reserve. The team members of Del Carlo Group integrate motley stories into one single united objective: the growth of the group.


Del Carlo Group’s history is marked by innovation and intuition that comes from continued investment in people and frameworks appointed with improving production processes and designing unique cutting edge products. The Group’s objective is to constantly evolve, both meeting global demand and anticipating those of each client. Del Carlo Group won’t stop growing simply because there are so many challenges to reach and surpass. New design that changes the urban aesthetic, advanced integrated systems for the smart city of the future, more efficient and functional lighting systems and components, communication networks, energy transmission.